Winner of the Klaas Dijkstra Academy award / Co-winner Long Live Art Price


People can only be free if they do not know the answer to the ultimate questions. I have to want because I don’t know. ”
Philosopher K.T. Jaspers, from “Willen” by Hannah Arendt

“Essential element of all my projects is becoming part of each other’s world. Entering into a relationship, I want to get to know the dynamics of the place where I am.”

Yanthe’s main area of study is the exploration of the unknown and the imperfect. She finds it necessary to explore this aspect of existence. In her projects, she looks for intriguing spaces within society that have a gap or break in continuity, formed by walls, employees, corporate image, history, and beliefs. She immerses herself in this environment and seeks collaboration to be part of each other’s world. Through her approach, she introduces a question to jointly explore in this in-between space, allowing it to grow, evolve, and gain momentum through dialogue. Her goal is not to improve things but rather to facilitate and seek answers together with others. The movement and dynamism that arises should be self-sustaining and continue without her. She believes that participatory art should be more than just having nice conversations. Art, research and social context must coincide.

As a community artist, Yanthe has a talent for bringing people together and organizing large-scale projects. One of the key elements of her projects is building a connection and understanding the dynamics of the environment where she is working. By gaining this understanding, she is able to create meaningful, impactful and tangible art that resonates with her audience. Yanthe’s understanding of the power of collaboration and her strong track record of success has earned her two awards. Her ultimate goal is to create a sense of community, and her projects are designed to immerse herself and others in the environment, seeking to be part of each other’s world. She encourages open dialogue and fosters an environment for exploration and experimentation.


2023 Denmark ‘What do the neighbours sound like’ – start of a new project


Denmark Start of new a new project ‘Forest, art & vegetables’ 
2020 Meeden A new symbol for Meeden – participatory research 

Share funding with the Mondriaan Fonds

2019 CLASHXXL Art & Music Festival
‘On Order & Chaos – a research with tractors into selforganisation in relation to chaos’
2018   Startup project about the mind in an elderly body ‘Zijn het toch de geraniums geworden’
2017-2019 Art Academy Minerva Presentations – Guest teacher
2017 Galery K38 Roden Exhibition results into ‘Order & Chaos’ with 25 tractors – video en virtual reality experience
2017 Frederiksoord Life research into ‘Order & Chaos’ with onderzoek 25 tractors and their drivers
2017   Startup research into Order and Chaos with tractors
2017 Texel Geestcurator for art collective ‘Kunstclub Zout’ 
2017 Groningen ‘Noorderzon’ Exhibition/presentation during Noorderzon Festival with project
‘Everdina, Nellie & the Caravan’
2017 Nieuw-Amsterdam
Artist in Resident with the Community Art Project ‘Everdina, Nellie & the Caravan” – a publication of a book was part of the project  

During Februarie t/m May 2017

2016 IKEA 
A dialogue with KEA Groningen with art project 'I am Esmé and living at IKEA' with final exam exhibition in the SUIKERFABRIEK Groningen
2016 Galerie Sign Groningen Zeepkist collectief ‘Books & Zines’ Event
2016 RKZ Groningen ‘Hope You Get Well Soon’
2015 Haarlem ‘Does it Count If You Remain Unnoticed’
2015 Groningen ‘The Holy Mountain’ groepsexpositie
2015 Duitsland Worpswede ‘Zeepkist Collectief’
2014 Drawing Centre Diepenheim ‘After Alexandria’ groepsexpositie
2014 Groningen Groepsexpositie


Hanze University Groningen   ART ACADEMY Minerva
HKU Introductionary curriculum Fine Art- Design
Vrije Universiteit Propedeuse English and Geography